what Is The Effect Of Terrorism On The Tourism Industry
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What Is The Effect Of Terrorism On The Tourism Industry
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What Is The Effect Of Terrorism On The Tourism Industry

There is no doubt about the economic importance of tourism for a country. For many developing countries, tourism is an important source of revenue generation and this makes it an important part of these countries economic development.

However, many times negative conditions, like terrorism, might exist which can wreak havoc with the tourism industry.

The impact of terrorism on the tourism industry can be enormous. It can lead to unemployment, homelessness, deflation, and many other social and economic ills. The contribution of tourism for any country is so great that any downturn in the tourism industry is a cause of major concern for many governments. The repercussions are left in many other industries associated with tourism like airlines, hotels, restaurants and shops that cater to the tourists and allied services.

Terrorism does affect tourism industry but it also affects those sectors of economy that are directly or indirectly related to the tourism industry. This effect can either be large or small depending on the dependency on the tourism industry.

However, developing countries that are largely dependent on tourism are affected more than countries which are not. The psychological impact of terrorism, however, is sufficient to disrupt tourism in most countries but the large countries are able to absorb the damage to the economy which too much ado. However, the smaller countries and developing countries who are completely dependent on tourism can reach the point of collapse because of the effect of terrorism to the tourism industry, as was evident after the 9/11 attacks.

what Is The Effect Of Terrorism On The Tourism Industry
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